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Customized training courses can be organized for persons interested in the activities of the Collaborating Centre, subject to our availability. Requests can be made by using this form or by contacting the directors of the Centre.

Several members of the Collaborating Centre are also professors at Laval University and can supervise university training courses as well as essays, memoirs, and theses; our most active degrees are master's degree (M.Sc.) in Community Health (Environmental Health section), master's degree in Epidemiology (M.Sc.) for subjects in our field, and doctor's degrees (Ph.D.) in these two fields. Other directions and collaborations are possible for studies in toxicology, environment, nutrition, social sciences, geomatics, and geography. We suggest that you contact us for more information and browse through the Laval University web site under http://www.msp.ulaval.ca

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